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Issue 2 :: Fall 2008


John Biando is a fella of medium height and increasingly wide girth. He is roughly in the top two Tecmo Super Bowl players in the world and wishes he could challenge Fred Savage to a game in the 1989 feature, The Wizard. An expert on zombie cinema, John is paradoxically the last person you’d want to be around in a zombie invasion as he is prone to crippling anxiety attacks in the face of cannibalism. His hedgehog, Sparkletail, died recently and caused more heartbreak per ounce of body-weight than any living creature in history.

Martin Bland is a warehouse worker and musician. Originally from Australia, he currently lives in Seattle with his wife and 2 young children. For more information, visit him at

Michelle Chan Brown's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Gertrude, The Concher, KNOCK, Broken Bridge Review, Yemassee, and DMQ Review. She received her MFA from the University of Michigan, where she won the Michael R. Gutterman award. She currently teaches creative writing and runs the Writers' Studio at Pomfret School.

Gabriel Burian-Mohr is a sound-artist, presently based in rural Oregon. His works enlists the use of randomness, chance, and broken electronics. More information about Gabriel and his Gheetrophonic Sound System are available online.

Hummingbird Mimes was an experimental sound duo (circa 1999-2001) featuring poet and painter Brian Lucas on 6-string bass, loops, vocals, percussion; and poet Jeff Clark on drums, percussion, and vocals. Tracks were recorded live at the Post Tool Building in San Francisco and then digitally edited. Featured on "Detox" is poet Philip Lamantia, who was recorded in conversation with Clark, Lucas, and Garrett Caples, at Caples's Oakland apartment in 2000.

Laura Elrick’s second book Fantasies in Permeable Structures was published by Factory School in the Heretical Texts series in 2005. She is also the author of sKincerity (Krupskaya, 2003) and is one of the featured writers on Women In the Avant Garde, an audio CD produced by Narrow House Recordings in 2004. A former guest editor of The Capilano Review, curator of the Segue on the Bowery reading series, and a member of the 2007 Future Poem editorial board, Laura currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Melenie Freedom Flynn is a performance artist and a writer. She recently moved to the Bay Area from New York City. She has performed at the New York Theatre Workshop, WOW Theatre Café, The Kitchen, and the Odyssey Theatre. Melenie has a MFA in acting from California Institute of the Arts.

Kenneth Goldsmith's writing has been called "some of the most exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry" by Publishers Weekly. Goldsmith is the author of ten books of poetry, founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb (, and the editor of I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, which was the basis for an opera, Trans-Warhol, that premiered in Geneva in March of 2007. An hour-long documentary on his work, "sucking on words: Kenneth Goldsmith" premiered at the British Library in 2007. Kenneth Goldsmith is the host of a weekly radio show on New York City's WFMU. He teaches writing at The University of Pennsylvania, where he is a senior editor of PennSound, an online poetry archive. More about Goldsmith can be found at:

Laura Goldstein graduated from the School of the Art Institute with her MFA in Writing, having studied sound extensively while there. She currently teaches writing at the school as well as at Loyola. She has published poetry and reviews on the web in places such as Otoliths, PFS Post, CutBank Reviews, Moria, The Little Magazine, Great Works, MPRSND, XConnect, in the print journal Combo, and in the anthology Dorothy's Elbow. Her first chapbook, Ice in Intervals, is due out from Hex Press any time now-look for it on

Carla Harryman is a poet, essayist, and playwright, known for genre-disrupting poetry, performance, & prose. She teaches at Eastern Michigan University. Adorno's Noise is just released from Essay Press, and Belladonna Books recently released Open Box (Improvisations).

Paul Erik Lipp is a composer and songwriter. He leads the Boston-based rock group Restless Radio, whose debut album, Stay Close to Me, was released in early 2008. He is presently holed up in the Connecticut wilderness working on another. For more about Restless Radio, please visit

Dana Teen Lomax is the author of Curren¢y (Palm Press), Room (a+bend press), and the co-editor of Letters To Poets, Conversations About Poetics, Politics and Community (Saturnalia Books, 2008). Her work has received the San Francisco Foundation’s Joseph Henry Jackson prize for poetry, as well as Academy of American Poets, Ann Fields, and Mark Linenthal awards. Supported by the California Arts Council, the Peninsula Community Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Fund, the Marin Arts Council, and other organizations, she is presently working on Q, “home movies” about raising a daughter on prison grounds. She works as the Interim Director of Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center in San Francisco, teaches at USF and SFSU, and lives in northern California with her family.

Chris Martin is the author of American Music, chosen by C. D. Wright for the Hayden Carruth Award and published by Copper Canyon. He is furthermore a rapper, teacher, editor, and half the band twiglight with Edmund Berrigan. He's currently at work on a book of poems about the ontology of song-making.

Sebastian Meissner works as a media artist using sound, video, and photography. Employing multiple artistic personas (Autokontrast, Autopoieses, Bizz Circuits, Klimek, Open Source, Random Industries, Random Inc), his works deal with and negotiate urban/cultural/social scenarios, randomness, historical music archives, and strategies of networking. He works with computer music sources, sampling, and moving photography, assembling their interrelation within geographic/historical/political discourses.

Rick Moody is the author of four novels, three collections of stories, and a memoir, The Black Veil. His most recent published work is Right Livelihoods: Three Novellas. His radio collaborations have appeared on "The Next Big Thing," Resonance FM, (Re:)Sound, and at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. He also plays in The Wingdale Community Singers.

Thylias Moss is an American poet, writer, experimental filmmaker, sound artist and playwright, of African American, Indian, and European heritage, who has published a number of poetry collections, children’s books, essays, and multimedia work she calls poams, products of acts of making, related to her work in Limited Fork Theory. Among her awards are a MacArthur Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Artist's Fellowship from the Massachusetts Arts Council, an NEA Grant, and the Witter Bynner Award for poetry.

Alice Notley has published over thirty books of poetry, including (most recently) Grave of Light, New and Selected Poems 1970-2005; Alma, or The Dead Women; and In the Pines. With her sons, Anselm and Edmund Berrigan, Notley edited The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan. She is also the author of a book of essays on poets and poetry, Coming After. Notley has received many prizes and awards including the Academy of American Poet’s Lenore Marshall Prize, the Poetry Society of America’s Shelley Award, the Griffin Prize, two NEA Grants, and the Los Angeles Times Book Award for Poetry. Often considered an important figure in the New York School, Notley now lives and writes in Paris, France.

austin publicover is a Brooklyn-based sound/noise artist and audio archiver for the Belladonna* Reading Series. He likes sauvignon blanc and live music.

Karen Randall is an artist who works in the media of words, digital collage (both sound and visual), oil painting, and letterpress printing. "The house utters dark sense" is an excerpt from the Extruded Gilgamesh, an intertwingled text based on the ancient Sumerian epic and contemporary writings on genetics, computer science, philosophies of language, and (c. A chapbook of the Introspection & Chapter Three) of the Extruded Gilgamesh was published in Peter Ganick's smallchapbookproject-1 in 2007. Another excerpt and recent work have appeared in Counterpath Online and in EOAGH.

Sarah Rosenthal is the author of How I Wrote This Story (Margin to Margin, 2001), sitings (a+bend, 2000), and not-chicago (Melodeon, 1998). Her poetry, fiction, reviews, essays, and interviews have appeared in journals such as How(2), Fence, Lungfull!, Denver Quarterly, and Boston Review. Her poetry has been anthologized in Bay Poetics (Faux Press, 2006), The Other Side of the Postcard (City Lights, 2005), and hinge (Crack Press, 2002). Thanks to Melenie Flynn for loaning her voice to Sarah’s piece in textsound.

James Sanders lives in Atlanta. He has the largest nose of all the members of the writing collective called the Atlanta Poets Group. The group publishes a couple magazines collectively: aslongasittakes and Spaltung.

Dale Sherrard (American 1961) is an experimental composer, audio designer, and multimedia performer who maintains that one should always be specific about one's ambiguities. Centered primarily around the concept of text and language as audio material, his work occurs in film scores, scores for modern dance, multichannel installations. He and is currently performing a series of "Faux Lectures" designed to highlight his firm conviction that no one really has anything important to say. He recently collaborated with artist Luca Buvoli on "A VERY BEAUTIFUL DAY AFTER TOMORROW" (UN BELLISSIMO DOPODOMANI) and "Ave Machina" as sound designer and co-composer. Sherrard lives alternately in Missoula, Montana and Brooklyn, New York, depending on where the action is. He is older than he looks and younger than he feels.

Hannah Silva is currently doing an MFA in theatre at Exeter University, UK. She performs poetry throughout the South West and London. She was included in the "Times Online Top Ten Literary Stars of 2008" and described as "one of the most ambitious and entertaining poets in the country." She has poetry published in Stride Magazine, Openned, Great Works, Intercapillary Space, and Tears in the Fence.

Matina L. Stamatakis currently resides in upstate New York as a freelance photographer, poet, and noise artist. Her most recent works are featured, or forthcoming, in La Petite Zine, Dadaist Audio, i-outlaw, Crash Test, Milk, and Apocryphaltext. Her debut album, Tissue Arabesques, is set for summer 2008 release courtesy of Artless Intent.

William Stobb is the author of Nervous Systems, a National Poetry Series selection published in 2007 by Penguin Books. For miPOradio, Stobb hosts “Hard to Say,” a podcast on poetry and poetics. As of fall, 2008, new poems by William Stobb are forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Colorado Review, and Conduit, and appear in recent issues of Jacket, Konundrum Engine, Pistola, Oranges & Sardines, and MiPOesias.

Charles Turner lives in New York City and is completing a dissertation on the composer Iannis Xenakis.

Laura Vitale works in radio art and sound design. She is currently a Van Lier Fellow for radio art at Harvestworks in New York City. Some of the places her work has appeared are on East Village Radio, (Re:)Sound, at the Third Coast International Audio Festival, and at the Babbio Center for Technology.