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Issue 5 :: November 2009


Michèle Anderson is a researcher and audio artist living and working between Montreal and Toronto. She has written and recorded on/about China, cultural intersections, communications, and festivals in the public sphere. You can read and listen to her work and latest publications on her website at:

Erik Carlson (AREA C) is a composer, media artist and architect based in Providence, RI. His work examines sound as an evocative presence, often acting as a marker, in the physical and mental spaces we inhabit. Since 2002 he has been recording and performing under the name AREA C, whose compositions work with timbre, texture and live loops, exploring cyclical relationships and the details of their decay over time.

In 2009, Carlson received the MacColl-Johnson Fellowship in music composition and he is currently working on new commissions for the NASA RI Space Grant Consortium and the LEF Foundation. His permanent sound installation (Low Rez/Hi Fi, with architect Meejin Yoon) can be viewed at 1110 Vermont Avenue in Washington DC. AREA C's latest CD, The Planetarium Project, is a double album of live collaborations performed to a visual score at Providence's Cormack Planetarium; it was released in September 2009 by Sedimental. Charmed Birds vs. Sorcery, Carlson's fourth full-length CD, was released in February 2009.

Angela Carr is the author of two books of poetry, The Rose Concordance (2009) and Ropewalk (2006), and two chapbooks, Risk Accretions (2009) and Terminus (2009). She lives in Montréal, where she is employed as a translator.

Ken Cormier is a teacher, performance poet, independent radio producer, and musician. He is the author of Balance Act, a book of poems and stories published by Insomniac Press, and of the forthcoming The Tragedy in My Neighborhood from Dead Academics Press. His third CD of original songs, Nowhere Is Nowhere, was released in 2009 by Cosmodemonic Telegraph Records. Ken co-founded and edited The Lumberyard: A Radio Magazine of Poetry Prose and Music, which aired weekly on WHUS in Connecticut from 2005-2008. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut. For more information, visit

Heike Fiedler, hf poetesse. Writer, artist in the fields of sound, voice and visual poetry, installation, performance, vidéo; vjing. Publication of her work in revues, cds; internet. Participation in festivals and collective exhibitions. Animator of workshops (poetry and improvisation). Acting solo as well as in constellations. Her texts and projects reflect the relation between language, space and time. Music: Member of trio newspeak ( Likes, among others: Judith Butler, Gilles Deleuze, Marina Tsvetaieva. For more informations: and MySpace.

Laura Goldstein is a poet who lives, performs, teaches and practices yoga in Chicago. She has two chapbooks: Ice in Intervals from Hex Press and Day of Answers from Tir Aux Pigeons. She also has many poems published on the web. She teaches Drama, Literature and Writing at the School of the Art Institute and Loyola.

HOME ITEMS is a female domestic noise pudding core/eclectic kitchen pop band of 7-gal pals (Angela McGregor, Aziza Malik, Emily Hilliard, Mandy Davis, Meghan Dewald, Michelle Crowder, and Stacy Duvalle Brodie) initially based in Burlington, VT. Though now scattered across the country, HOME ITEMS remains active through long-distance collective creative projects in the realm of food, the kitchen, and other feminine/feminist topics and spaces. Visit their MySpace Page.

m loncar is a poet/musician/artist/teacher (you probably know the type all too well) currently living rather fragmented dual modes of existence in Taiwan and America. He is the author of 66 galaxie (UPNE) and other delights hopefully forthcoming soon?

He's happy to call Erik Carlson a good friend and highly recommends listening to Area C's Charmed Birds vs. Sorcery with earphones whilst busing on the National Express from New Castle to Manchester. Mmmmm transcendent your experience, looking out the window and fashioning your own soundtrack.

Note: the dream kid was a sound collaboration done for an animation using pictures I took traveling through China and Hong Kong back in the mid-1990s. We also performed a longer version live one time at a mixed-media reading at Brown University.

Check out the dream kid with video here.

Tom Orange lives in Cleveland Ohio, where he is active in the local food movement and the music and arts scenes. Slack Buddha Press published his chapbook of conceptual prose, American Dialectics, in 2008, and his recent and forthcoming writing can be found in Aquaduck, Big Bridge, English Studies in Canada, The I.E. Reader, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Typo, Wheelhouse, and 1913: A Journal of Forms. He also posts his recorded music at

Karl Petrunak's formal education took place in California where he worked in photography and painting. While an undergraduate at California State University Northridge, he was fortunate to have a number of instructors who were instrumental in forming his sensibilities. One experience that stands out during this time period was being able to meet and converse with Robert Frank. He brought prints from his book The Americans and showed his film Pull My Daisy.

While at the University of California Santa Barbara doing graduate work, Petrunak worked with the painter and musician Richard Dunlap, who became not only a mentor but a close friend to whom Petrunak owes a great deal.

He relocated to New York City in 1984 and Brooklyn in 1991. After moving to Brooklyn, his work once again branched out to include photography and sound as well as painting. He has recently completed a number of sound/sculptures, of which Ut Pictura Poesis Prime is one. It is played on a 22" speaker that Petrunak constructed and is recited by Ruth Bauers.

Chad Lietz lives & works in Oakland, CA where he co-edits Cricket Online Review. Hear also: Lietz's Canoizonata EP, under "Projects" on Deep Oakland.

Stephanie Sherriff is a sound artist interested in the intersection of sculpture, performance art, and the moving image. She currently attends California College of the Arts, with an expected BFA in media arts by 2012.

Stephanie's curiosity for sound has acted as a platform for experimentation with electronics and instrument making. Her approach to creating sound embodies a playful questioning of aural perception and its presence within time and space. She considers her work a synthesis of the natural world.

Anne Tardos is a poet, composer, and visual artist. She is the author of several books of poetry and the multimedia performance work and radio play Among Men. A selection of her readings and performances (many with Jackson Mac Low) can be heard on the University of Pennsylvania's web site : PennSound and on UbuWeb Sound. Her book of new poetry, I Am You, has appeared from Salt Publishing, and she is the editor of Thing of Beauty, by Jackson Mac Low, California. She is a 2009 Fellow in Poetry from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

"Pronounce is a series of poems of generally one page or less, each one based on one of the many pronouns in the English language. So far, I have written about 30 of them, and will continue to write them until they all get written." —Anne Tardos

A special thanks to Andrew Kenower, Samantha Giles, and Small Press Traffic for providing the audio.