NEWS: textsound's issue 3. Holla.
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Issue 3 :: Spring 2009

Editor's Note

Hear ye, hear ye. Issue 3 of our budding magazine. We are in spring. We are being.

Theodor Schwenk, in his book Sensitive Chaos, describes two types of waves: In a stream, the form stays still while new water flows through it (picture the lip of water that overtakes the side of a rock as it flows past.) Ocean water, by contrast, consists of a forward moving wave form with the water itself rolling in a circle in the same place. Who knew that movement could be such combinations of pushing forward and holding ground? When I think about the joy of working for textsound, I think it has something to do with this basic principle of movement and flow: the combination of container and matter in the works we receive which are simultaneously holding shape and moving forward, or holding space and moving shape. It is truly a delight.

The issue is chock-full of work from younger artists, more seasoned makers, and everything in between. We got sense, we got the body's primal noises, we got the background sound of radio, the previously un-noised chatter of register receipts, recycled monkees music, electronic birds chirping, a young child talking in a tunnel, and the foul moments (movements) of stinky gods. What more could you ask for? (We'll attempt to answer that in issue 4). The contributors reflect and explore the way that sound and listening is evolving along side of and through technology. It's exciting to watch the way the our culture is being expanded in/by machines, and we're happy to be a part of it. Sound wave away, folks.

We're still settling in as a group of promulgators in this electrical forest. The conversation continues amongst the collective about the range of our tastes and how they map onto/create the textsound project, but we're doing that hard work of articulating the "why" of what we choose or don't choose, and starting to define some of the ground on which the magazine stands. The tracks we've included in this issue, then, are a reflection of this collage of our (sometimes differing, sometimes overlapping) approaches to the avant-gardes, music, poetry, ideas, and punk approaches to art. You can read more about our individual tastes in the "about us" section.

Thank you to all the contributors and everyone who sent in submissions. And thanks for listening.

-Laura Wetherington