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Issue 14 :: February 2013

Editor's Note

This issue has me thinking about small moments: the creaking sound of a porch swing in Eben Mannes’ rendition of his brother’s poem, or the music AB Gorham uses to articulate “your tongue can never be as accurate, as acute” in “Lineated^Wrapped”. The small moments reflect careful compositions of our contributors—a deliberate construction of sound. These moments mark these pieces as aural poetry.

This issue also has me thinking about deep time. I live now in Nevada, in the high desert, just an hour from where the Donner Party made history. I heard William Stobb read his work at the University of Nevada, Reno recently. He talked about John MacPhee’s book, Basin and Range, and how the wide-open land here, with all its exposed rock, showcases a time that is beyond human time. There’s something poetic about the scale of the landscape in this part of the country; it's so large and open and inexplicably moving. We here live up against our own inconsequence. That’s huge.

Issue 14, then, is full of small, polished moments and big ideas.


For the last year and a half or so, textsound’s “About Us” page has advertized that we are slowing down our publication as we revise the website to allow for images and moving pictures. As the editorial board continues to winnow down, the amount of time and effort that it would take to create an entirely different website feels impossible.

Anna Vitale has stepped down as an editor at textsound. Like many poetry-ventures, textsound is about family: deep friendships were forged around this sound-zine. And though we didn't expand into visual art, we have been working hard behind the scenes. Anna and I have begun archiving our issues at PennSound. Once the PennSound page goes live, I’ll be sure to let you know. We have also been working with a developer to make our issues more readily downloadable straight from our website. With textsound now a one-woman show, I imagine those side projects will continue to move slowly. But stay tuned!

2013 will be a big year. There are several issues already in the works, including new tracks from Eric Eshltain & Mikey Peterson, Machine Libertine, Afton Wilky, gtrabbit, and a host of others. There are some special issues brewing, and I’m steadily working through the submissions in the inbox. Once the queue is cleared, textsound’ll open up submissions again.

-Laura Wetherington