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Issue 11 :: February 2011

Editor's Note

Here issue 11 appears in its entirety, having been dictated (in three-minute intervals) to voicemail and transcribed by Google Voice. (Google Voicemail is a slam-poet's instrument, apparently.)

-Laura Wetherington

p.s. Thank you Hannah Ensor for introducing me to the brilliance of Google Voice.

issue 11

Still Lansing Clancy Ave. Yes, wait for a great HI Hi Kathleen, bicyclist. Scotch guard. Departing, Mastercard, indoor outdoor wrong way. Drinking alcohol. No harm going except for this Dancing, restaurant. Delancy St. Yes, 7981 there basically no. Ten, let him in the past charges future HI Lower East Side Centennial 7 to 7th night regulation. Hello. So you have the lowest prices largest collection. So for rent. 97 You know they're doing okay. Hey, it's million people free delivery. That's My name is notion. Taylor's the time. Triangle optical optical sunglasses. The primary and Yeah, we'll Paul. Bye bye. Hope all ohh Apple hello, anyway. So room This is very Macy code, dues to it.

Representing the world. Representative people cost Yeah, Moll. Hello Dave, switching. I'm all Versus. Hello. This is a younger Yeah, the president and The. The said that that the there and, I think that's it. She's, chips. 2. This is an and. Hey, hold ON hold off for the right here right here in the A, Michael Jordan. You didn't do we need. Hey. And dude. This is Dan. This is solo. Shh, Shh. Shh, Shh. Shh, Shh. Shh, Shh. Shh, Shh. Shh, Shh. 22, to, to. 2. So, we can. This is the way here, we should go. How are you coming here fixed. No eat. I want to know that bye. Okay bye. Okay bye bye bye, goodbye at Tampa camp. Okay, bye bye talk to him, Dr that that. Public. I was okay the time to just. If you need to get to dust. At that time thing to do today depicted. Thank you. Hi Pat Hey and Please. Boo Yeah, too much of the road going thing. Then i.

Hey there P D See, time Time. Our B mind. It's easier P important, hey it's, the, with Subject, painted. Half. That. Now, love. Stover list HI Sure, actually appeal. That. Hey head elements, Subject, either in the past. Thank you, the account. In case, still. Who's The Element particularly arrangement severe in pictures, s interesting expressive. I thought to be in, hey Dan wall, and they need. Hey, prepare and where. That was later just was on the abstract. Not, call picture And And It's only popular. That's not yours and persistent You know So I don't, with first abstract. Just We're, stress, our office. Corporate is to geometric cool Yes, I was and but. Abstract this guy. It's to photograph, the finishes, and rich experiences, certain reaction, machine with lose and naturally The without A 2, Arrangement quiet, and colors, our situation. This is a response. It's been and vital. A gentleman, ohh actually sir, reaction, the plate. March. But the thought of color just to U. S. Forum indicates doing a major a job, psychological color form, quite The 2 describing ohh. Both Whistler would like bright blue yellow, brochure.

Hey it and 4 and client server, we're close. A pool. The the server. Abstract as necessary. Hey understanding. These pictures. Ken understated. Hey, point, view it for me we, we, Hey, let me send them. Abstract, dominate one, the. Half Express. No excitement confusion. The 5 composition, flashing line calling only Lisa actual involved. Yes, we recognize, excellent. 2. Z At, C C scene, Subject, through lines calling and that's correct, don't know why has, and longer, reality. There. 2 of us. I cannot go below that perhaps candy Yeah, to the 2 logical. 1. If you're in town, Subject have not have colors, pencils. They're saying that never quite far, any interest now immediately. 2 argument, logical, this message 7 to reply. It's Monday as possible. The abstract. It is it's, L T time in the gym important, can't and shouldn't the blessed, last be artist. And now, imagination, camera. The basic art. I'm just This is to the some extraction. We also found and changing spool of the features clients put a graphically hello. Bye 2 Hello at are you 5 3 Master modern Pablo. 2 3 patient ad. Brad, value in painting, book, P State defined Yeah, telephonic pack directly track. Hi Andy, plant in 2.

Yeah, not the Etzel at possible. Regards, My. Seems I was and space. When picture this. It is and her popped shape trying various options becomes interesting. Please consult painting long, wonderful in I don't know that various our please. There. The is Curtis, and try shift. 3 talk to you sir. District. You instead. The 2 her so, and she al the this. The Small. With the a window, hey sweetie, Judy IN, wrote. Instead recanting define studio quick to tech try P you would. Mike, unified element. He is Ken, you looking. The, and painter to. Let's quickly. He and model bringing painter to outside. Room, where Stand. This is heavy. The CT structure, to the changes, disasters, any word see that you And you soon. Bye. This day move. The error ask that you come. In reading death. The any model. You The on the table. Hey, it is removed, would like to see for him. Then. At Issue, picture part there of fun substitute slack except the elimination may individual and he less deep. With, d, some glitch. The magnificent. You week still. The chintu there see Yeah, E F picture. Not, details. More. The of sound. It's professional welcome HI these hats and just in harmony. The arranged Time. Realism that extraction. Second look awesome. Studios, such call me earlier. 10. Almost.

Less deal between to. Actually, Evelyn and different, Thank You. 2 left, the key. That's right. The Picasso. The of painter. That dark plate. The he about work for me here the US painter so. Please. Parker, the few He's on just so put precious holler. Very much Yeah, the is short, point, the horizontally We're address. Pardons. 2. It's at model. It's a long brush, to the object Is he had a great form. Povsky regular she I will grow, for it, P intention. Maybe that painter given extra singles. The accurate position. I started sees casually painters. Hello, ohh see anything from you here The. It symbolizes, hole, small just painters from you. Her set up plaster and hold fruit from side us in from here. Quadrangle. The plaster, that it's mast so excited. 2. And now perhaps normal and blind. Such a payment, who's bye. Insane Cat, test painter fruit is to triangle fruit by simple Circle, The one for people. Date placed without It's lines, click lines hangs this or fatter. The window Glen, the picture of the error, to, Matt. ON corresponding in from the year. Details, of some clarity, to the so. The E simulator, Ricky, and importance. It is. Each.

Instead of following traditions painters still a cost of that something and brown at she is already at text me. Did abandon he had, sacrificed great, into distraction. He PLO interested in an option. So, and more familiar. Sarah Agee Metro client satisfaction, building forms and for her. He he gained freedom, nice daily tomorrow Is he is not warmth. Hi Laura, parts for C Once. Hey, hey it is quarters. He my niece, he said just shape. Area arbitrarily. Hello, Would, permitted. 2. And He also sorry joe, show table, hey system will. After all on the system attic. I'll check, shown or. Todd from Rio. And third, and of course a little distortion. It's not the geometric call And And over part, hey 2 and instigator. I think. And he would Justin tent. He he, and Premier. Now, enjoy form the our diverted from New York. Our by interests. Our about details. Our at novel, and all other that Jerry at. And so traditional The is for Gary, that enjoyed Hello. Abstract. So she did. The that great. It's great. Garden to spend need. That abstracts. He is obliged, bye. A P considered craftsmanship, remain, June, and details. It's extremely the pictures and Terry, here painter.

D and top line The cost parallels fruit. The artist from He, of other and one other suggested. He continues. I will. It'd be for 5. It's a similar and Discover. Form, secondary. But supporting at the, hey. 31 pallet. Take example, rental. Just draped and just great. Power change for shooting, position. Changing side suppose. Thanks to find picture Time. There are no 4 4 at one Time, Just, due to the He is making it. This is out there. The cost of There is a 43. It's a cost. So, or achievement. Maitland. Is. For sir. So 21. To The. But. And the that coverage, so professional, like Picasso. It's fashionable like park. Thank you, thing as who's the Because, like stabbed list. And it's rewards and such. At the picture some interest. Anthony Jones, understand day, the tradition Revolution, realistic. Abstract The person some other dates We're, another traditional with objection. I don't know, play nearly okay Haiti, We we chit get. I spent. Ohh Here's. Sergeant. Linda, the sisters They, Technical some other fashion. I was Most, printers, fashion, see it. TA TA width, laters and elegant. All crossed surfeit. Is Cool. Very page and I think. It is that refinance. ON for that too. Marvel. If that's the therefore happy. Krishna. Hello.

Yes. All Time for conspicuous Lee. If you will plan be bothered, more sensationalized 4. A Labor, create it, dirty. After. Also, still his. He master trying, painting, interested. Sergeant, twenties, huge petition. The up newness Let's go the painting. Meet, completely painting. It's masterpiece. The. Hey everyone, hey too. Enjoy a loan. A successful for was at going today. The it painter. Later that lacks Hi Nelson, complete this summer, tremendous and If we're not irritate 4, as does you remember extractions trip your calls. Why theories. For A crystalize 2 to you soon, new forms of forms painting little too and later these the fall. Lee One. He's from the picture. The maintenance first two. What the net for two away. The Kurt 5 or try. Are you in to them, satisfactory face. Early women have two point. To send a sheet from perfectly, and thank you. What he mentioned extraction nearly He, or. I was kind clarify testify, reaction, expressions and. Young has been to between and fall venture. The where the project For the abstract down. Some believe there between extraction for you to know how that he is too abstract, should totally was connection. What ohh. The Simple, or. 2. Get the of that tenuous, with world See for them straight. It's not figure to, that apprehension. We'll be asking, serious questions 21 frequently. 8 bye. It's been.

Rather West players. Andy looks flat, D 2 we. Yours, but should okay universal. You have a good platform, and wheels individual lady for him. 9 completely have only single form, is logical, the form. So she is, or so, and or 3 So. So, Hi in. Okay bye. Have a parent, okay seal way, Don't. Why and artist Yeah, and any I, Anne. If you are, not flying possible. Wondering on it 2 contemporary tendency. In important, Subject, And And I want to ask her to die. The 9th and buy it, title did well, Not. 2. But Since, dynamic, Which, call them first, not figured out of developed landscape particle 88. She's, either reflection. By form, which is defined. Our to them. So, pattern, interesting, you can. His his calf we. Well, is too much horizontal done years are still some more, hey and abstract. Chin, it the, and The. He and I had mine abstract is 8 growth to write to you 2 Katie and the realistic and 2 that nature west to nature's You California. Did not of the world. Hey as painters, dot different, we. Blah. 28. For Life. Developed not figure to. All I'm saying this week. Easily charge.

For His and they like and actually result, and process. You can response. The. In case the branches and expression, our portfolio, contrast as to show central. And while Regards it manifestation HI quick artists. 21 We're in May. I have 22 those other tenth and lives, Subject Well, elsewhere in the painting. So in portfolio, call the classification and go again And my abstract. As illustration, bye, which I abstract. For more alive painting. You show This is working. The other the computers, and compensation, why we not 2 c and into and the actual and suggestion, large flowers black for, and text on direction and imagination, with the intention. What he why he least clue. This objective. It is 2. A mood. We need to to text. The for his is, and anagram artist. It's a should, independent, in a Supporting, combination. She colors, into a check. To there in 2 then painting because What has, hey, first, or if the specifically. Then form, here. While painter hacked his of and and nation, put into presumably if i complex emotions spot, stimulating. In particular, I have a moment 2 2 B down. All that suggest for that, check it, suggest. Well, Kurt, relaxation. He. 1. And one, the shaper line different in lines. Each feels list Hey date is factor.

This is not painting came to sell The of house is Arlington, C 2. After out of the contents key. Surprised. The is Turner's shows, great that The. How r suggest it. Being, plate interest between spectacular had to left claim scared. Walker, P M, illustration and The is. In extreme. Is. I good and one the interest simple thing, work too familiar with the 1st. The and and. Because, hence the preachers the check to you later. If you could share sent to you other our acquaintance, the picture. On the left The okay picture Because, That's, from So and Contessa and purplish and write it, only 5 or something And get it and it's gorgeous. And the that putting one to find the connecting close. And the confirm here the cost of studio. The The or content ski. If you enjoyment. The not connection. The. But sir, We love little every week. Deeply before resolution. The that project. The abstract past years off P the, that that and show you. Katie, ha, and check understood. Webmaster 2 and it's Epstein me Taylor Francesco, This, as important, but it is. With in years sent does or so. Pagers, I'll be. We'll talk to you soon. Section 1 from Creek painting. 14 50 2:14. 66 total. The City. The Scene shameful, the series. The of true.

But spatial account and If you just somehow explain. Powerful quality. The other true D, FX nation, have created. Each. It is For the city, quietness, and natural or has tracked. It's her book, work. The for a call for group test like Poland human like now. If you can. The The. The yet. Figures. No. Now, No. Now, the hardly painter. Now and then every works for you, pull. What up in Fixed carried along. Just advantage like story. But Francesca. 2 cents, near anecdotes, or who's, narrative of the experience investor rancher reference. Figures. Not a few minutes, okay. First of all Forum, our hey abstract And And And the south pictures. But in Wellesley, and motion. We Are, as staff. 42 C form, unseen certainly take the form. The see and whole limited. May, ago. People First. We see his and T match T and helpful, talk to you later, painting a ago. 2 superficial even and 2 color modified slightly. He and today. If you are. Russ, com white 4. Great Crane, as past colors painting. This tremendous painted on wall and Laura quality. The is necessity reduced. 5. It's possible, he thought of. The March. Thanks Dan. And I not the picture quickly. Lost, has to do the forms increased taping so demonstration and only, If you have time.

All that, its modern painting Always historical Test, most episodes T and extraction to work store call on wall. Modification has for best foreign painting and Utilization details cast was suggesting script. The V A This is more. Abstract dry nowadays, less than something. The creation. P acceptance new form, care, touristing under. The difficult coverage date during you. At, starion good many sheet, the 3 Yeah, save time. So content to him. This pus one, the cell day Paul appreciate it. 603. But the Nothing, point, tennis, time substitute and The Production, hey end of the woods, performs do accept. So now then so. Further, exposed C development We enjoyed next latest. They wonder, Say, Science Yeah, We half the cost of part IN today. Have, thorn will and studio. The Now. We'll see. Real essence extraction, these portfolios. Have, to them any illustration. Majority cases, different in painting, see us We're, and we'll talk to you were They call world. Painting the. The 89 pass. Thank You. Sir, all our question and painting, bring it closer. Some of composition okay and and meantime, I know. E M Area, self picks out didn't see story neary We're, colorful. I haven't. Not, for. Alan The expression distortion the cost. This is precious.

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Too. Shh, Shh. Judge teach shh Peter, chips, chapter. Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh. To take care. I think HI The did done you to Digit. Stef. So, but. Both of them. Tell him that the You know, that and. Hello. Hello. So, so. I think that that's Hello Yeah, talk to. But the duh duh duh duh duh good okay so i put the paper Yeah, that. That Yeah, mm mm, and then Simon. Really really late anyway. Maybe. This is The Hood. Later, will hook wanted to explain, let you know Hollywood. Anyway, bye bye. But anyway HI Well, anyway HI But anyway, okay See you later bye bye See you later bye bye, okay anyway. I hope. Bye, bye bye. Okay bye. Okay bye. They, but anyway. But anyway, bye. Later. Okay bye. But anyway. Okay, bye bye. Thanks Bye, leaving. Hey, with him and his family okay. But anyway, My, my, Me. But anyway, bye. But. But anyway. But anyway. Hello. What happened My. I don't have. Anyway HI bye. My name is bye bye.

Hello Well. I'm. Hello. Well, I'm Test, uh oh. So, Hi. Hello, okay. Call me a ring. But it's already dead bye. Can We okay. Call okay alright now has night. Denise what they call to say it is no The 9 ohh good looking on trying to you Later, what they call beautiful. You don't have to have a while, what they call. Hi Dennis, whoa. So we'd let the loan. What do you know. Whoa. Hello. Yeah, hey. Just want to send me whoa. Dan, hey to others. This error 4 bring people like you. Yeah. Hello. Calling from site at Yes, hey stop by, or quickly, okay try you later. ON you. So if you time. I don't have to you later. Bye and.

Just tracker. She has some address. Hello. A lot of spoke with me And I think discovers support, and I hope. Hope. It's up to the ted tree. Yes, she curls suitcase. So little the present day trying to found he had sent some of them, hey fit in there are coming years. Port Au, to a dead don't speak, okay to speak. No. Hello. Hey. Done and.

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Okay bye. Ming, bye bye bye. Louis, okay bye bye, okay bye bye bye. Well Cohen, but, hey. Hello. Good Good, along very important, hey. Hello cruise to pull in Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test, Test Test Test Test Test Test Test and good to consistent, Kingston 15. But drip drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, it. Just, she. The The. Hey, yo. Hello. Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test, Test Test Test Test Test.

To, I will demand that done. Marian. South peace peace eyes. Coach you okay Good. Hmm. Hey, okay so must I think, continuing machine and you are still it stricter trip trick, shh ohh Hi I was. Hello touch with you, alright. Cheap C or go okay bye thing 2 T Thank you, meeting soon. You painting. And I've done sent. She cheap. 15. Yes.

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Listen nuggets, bye. Click C. Hey, date. Hey, This, destruction, talk talk talk talk talk talk to her but. But. But So. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. This is a little test. Full This little bye bye Dave. Thank you Yeah, sheesh. H okay. Hey Mr. Bush did. If you could have actions said test. I hope all are. Well, spirituality. Hello. Okay, bye, questions right and just It's a call. Google. Ohh. Hey, hey, okay bye okay ohh. Ha ha, ha. Hey, hey, it's me Hey Jesse, bye. Hey, experience and reality Yeah, so. ON the guest Cherney to you dude. Hey, typically see you, message time, hey. Yeah. Later, hey. I do you know it. If you just alright, okay, hey.

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Hello hello, huh. I thought I'd better. They in okay visiting hello. You. You. This this is done. I did, Karen, That's, hey. Hello. Plan plan HI hey HI hey. Hey, hey. Hello. So, hello, okay. Hey, bye HI HI.

Thanks for some reason, No. Well, I mean I know this is a great day. I'm really excited about that. So many happy. Here. There's something about this house for tonight Yeah, and, hey. No, I just want to take everything attack huh ha. Ohh

Taking taking the laces pleaded plants, that's your problem white paper walk range, truck lady pull. But if you get the car sickly fantasy, I didn't hoop skirt. Yes, Hi Nicolas, short sleeves impressed, and I have some toothpaste. Right spare time, and crammed up your ticket. What kind of info fisheries, he is. He is ohh yeah Yeah, alright, alright. You know that, and I love that the love. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello and I will call around. I do. Be careful with my father absent. 6. Movement here. This place Kiester piece, so filled with the courses. Now I'll talk to you later. Just wanted to present. He responsible citizen, school, and me. The through the nothing. The first of Click on Click of so. I became a so perfect timing. If Marples. And then to me. Capacity so. Yeah yeah.

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Well, ohh Brian, at U. S. I hear that you're her, she, but she said 7. So, go. Jay's to keep going to go ahead, hey.

The destination destroyed madness hysterical. Then. St, and chill headed to the jurors. That's definitely connections, supernatural tartness water contemplating Under the Elms, the angel staggering generous eliminated University's Blake trying to cheat money works well, toots academies Top, Singing. Hope, shaving underwear listening to terror their peers returning the Radio wait supplier hotel. Allen Yes, Great story, nightmares, comparable Creek shattering between 88203. So, the chariot one. Talk to you know Over The. Hey, to arrive, changed and that's right, battery. I know he's wheels. Children rack better. Submarine dear afternoon. Bill, If you, the rich. Fire is gate entire Yeah, yeah, King, Perm phone okay. Thanks, charion phone banking. Wondering went great, cigarettes, grandfather study so instinctively by appreciative heat. Angelos potential clean the supernatural ecstasy, learn since we can 6 disappeared in volcanos Mexico, leaving behind it done for you. 603 This to getting the dear I had. Francie referrals. There. Distributing pamphlets where we paid interesting. All the siren whale. Staten Island Rail. I understand lesson. Just texted track through channels, care at the involved rose garden the cemetery scattering there. Steven freely. We'll never. All behind the nicotine shelf. The 19 true, the heterosexual and true told him to call belated status. Some are package Yeah, Andrew, Hilton. Com consciousness We went ahead and prepared under they can late. 10. Verizon number like it in case wrongly.

Under the tuberculosis around. The other key scribbled of. Let me know how much the bridge, cleaning. If you are mountains of the A through their lunches. And the paternity, the decade, successfully, the antique stores, dear life, let me first. The tank patients, and I Troke with her info. 3 2 editors, joke in touch with reality, alleyways fire truck and one free Peter, hey, crazy over the street. European Sherman with This is. That's a charity drove 72 Cherney Jennifer, guy Tenzer Kate Denver. Rudy, Logan Dipper Denver. Of Our Heroes felt on these details. Second crashed. Golden at reality. The Arts, the locomotive to create. Subsequently percent it. So, sheet, our speech the site. We were given instead Palm Pre. Hi Chris, therapy, therapy therapy, okay. I'll talk to you. I think. Briefly, returning your status, date. Great, talk to you much. Well, love. 9. There body charts Genentech. I Yeah, rental furniture you know roof of the wire bankers positive it's hopeful. Really time therefore Creek Test. Suddenly company the catalog, the meter. The bye bye, poetry, kept me I need time Talking to you John element of her set consciousness together. I cannot days, the voice speechless. Thank you, the time. Rose we can call me Who, the make it, lem, we have to tell you. The Hard. Bye bye. But your party. The. Here, he gets out to. I'm going to 100 Park meant to Cathy comprehensible. So jail house full judgement. So I, That's. Got that.

And the book skeleton Treasury Tim on industry. They put their hasn't statements, great to have been suggested everywhere. They're close. The American River. Dreams, religions, close to the raid from over the river cards just there is 10. Your screens to hide them out. Generation, the time, realtor in river. Ken, 870 Chuck solitude flowers repair for your manners 288 She delivery extra treat reporter ohh. I'll talk to you soon. I have, pilgrimage, resolution, cheeses. 25. Conrad, the introduction now and sheets. Dear, you know tastefully I don't have a cup match uncle. Outside Spiegel proceed He's journey, the cottage. Lester.

Yahoo properties. Hello, contemplating super cool. Scholars of money. I'm going to okay alright. My name is Karen, talk to you later, per between local cost Person World POV, stores. Burroughs, Julie Rodney, Brooklyn. Sandra down now. See you flooded out afternoon customers to do. 25 continuously. Cavernous license, conversation. So when you get a chance shots for possible And thank you. Color, around around 12 minutes notebook this dot com. It's a box alert spots cars, moment through. I had an fishing fish. Jerry Oklahoma. Lounge, lunch and 1st, 2000 to comfort. Okay, This is mexico shadow of poetry Chicago. Jordan not incomprehensible. Our Contact tobacco. Cooperstown, people just cos for committing. That was okay. So how long. July. I will industry. Listen, to remember font. It's weird. The last place, conceptual dollar one has nothing to calculate it bottles continued loan for lost consciousness But I He will tell. And then Donna. Moving house rose. I'm, mountain time for the roads. Eddie, talk to you soon. John Who has. So if you could please An important offices, choose So I think. I hope in room okay. Proud of the day and imagination. To, Valerie, the Romance of the canyon, going to cost theology, okay well and over in can't patients yellow morning, the cooked Borscht tortillas, to cooking for Bruce. This is cooked restores Scott going well

Mission position, overthrew the club. But for. Heroes I don't know if salvation. So, from possible golden to Mexico. We're talking about. So if the police force up there. So, or video hypnotist. The madhouse dish. The Lobotomies Well, Hi Trish therapy psycho therapy, occupational ping pong only one thing punk at. Tanya The Pro Brooklyn, rocking and rolling summer 2 sub love. The bodies. The Window telephone print out. So I'm calling to say. I was nation, see if the So therefore, stuff. Ken August of a tree. It's to foods. This is together, to the patient omnipotent, protests house so So I. I don't know, go to sleep. Those the out of my love saxophone down right here Good to talk to you Morlock. Something to. And the table dollars. Mark, my luck. ON let us know a lot. Morlock incomprehensible. Morlock. Crespo, Phyllis jail house. Sorry Morlock. Susan the lock rest of the Morlock government. Molato Laura this Morlock. Molato small Acosta dying to know Morlock was no smoking 2 Well, I'll talk with Windows. No Morlock. For Jehovah's this factories crew. Morlock smokestacks print. Mark, Russell Miller. Whose party. Hello, this is classic kitchens, my life, only welcome. Mona cock sucker. Michael A block. Well consultant. All of his consciousness. Bye. Laura, who abandoned. Pollock, bye bye. Just skeleton Germanic nations, monstrous sorry. Schvala issues. Some information. Federation. So, it wasn't. Over crucifixion down. But what generations. I just wanted to get our is, sound into Solomon, and Rockland and she roslyn.

House collapsed, in Rockland returning who are passage. My hysterical angry property. Grace of. I need to re-run it ohh Brooklyn. Holly hi kitchen. Brooklyn. Hi Paul For the cause, instinctively missionary. The Tree sexy. Machinery, think we motorcycle can definitely trying the blue. Julie memory, Social easily okay You know that she God successfully. Becker, crysaline subway alleyways. I was turning Today. The Way reality, insanity subsequently electricity. I could therapy, site the therapy truly Greystone imaginary. Really, If you talk on the with them today noise money done another time skyscraper. Is poverty. Hi Lucien, lonely, my hair cut the C face everywhere, caring. I thought I'd leave imaginary journey highway.

Publishing windows. Now, if you could returning marijuana. In died, last night waking players. Cheers, right. Like maybe by We think of anything joy ride keep traffic light, alright talk to her. Jeanne lifetime children. To shudder. If you got the This may continuously conversationalist. Chuck environment. This, hey, yeah. Kim, screening of the what's the. It's a billion bandaged Atlantic City something bye to chat now. The 13. That is the time. Hi Peter, I had freaking Fishing Area, bottom line trying to Nicole, okay brilliant thank you. This is Pierre de Mexico, conspired to Chicago. Investigate behind incomprehensible. So if you happen to protest talk talk, we'd be addressed, think I have for you. Please, trip, Detective. Please call us. If you can.

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I am at faculties. Utica. How much bodies card is losing in Palm Beach and I'm with moments again. I'm with insanity socialist revolution against fascist, living, International have a chance. Electrify therapy clients, eliminates itself, and mention your inclusion. Outside highway America in the night burning up natural under eliminated. Publishing punch even underwear returning tree marijuana, trucking this Sunda 25. Philip huge something suffering. Supernatural, lounge hungry, boundary. Hi Minister union address, subway miniskirts, talk to you like heterosexual HI related consciousness tonight, but it for a new mobile not in town. Hope. Error Ave. Opium suicidal Hudson, on the blue mobile under the purchase of plunge thunder cut bring to 7 is mustards. I'm gonna see you, jump to your P N journey, journey, terminated. Lou, not business, lectures subsequently in that house. Occupational solitude, furniture solicitation catalog Vishal Justin Dave, help. So, thought. Absolute. Hello. Tele 2 I have telephone. Jill house building. Son, here's running clout cock sucker suburbs. Treasury industry's monstrous without a breakthroughs. So that's it slash their junk food, humor. And. I have, resolution juice, pierceall.

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